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Booked a NASCAR run along experience for my son's 15th birthday. I asked if he was old enough and was told it wasn't a problem. Their website said nothing about age restrictions. They sent me a certificate that even said "Happy 15th Birthday".

On the morning of his birthday we drove an hour to get to the track. It was then we were told he had to be eighteen.

I called Great American Days and asked for two things - a refund and for them to change their website so no other child would have this problem. It took several weeks to finally get a refund and then they didn't include the shipping charge. It took several weeks more to get the shipping refunded. (Why should I pay 8.75 for something to be shipped to me when it wasn't anything I could use?)

They finally changed the website to include the age restrictions after I called the NASCAR officials who actually run the ride-along (who had no wrong-doing at all) and explained the problem to them. However, Great American Days still haven't changed all the locations where the ride-along can happen.

I will NEVER use Great American Days again and encourage you to book at your own risk!

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We were disappointed to read your review of Great American Days and again, we do apologize.Truly did not mean to ruin your son's birthday.

Each stock car school has different age requirements and that particular customer service representative got confused, an honest mistake.

We have since reviewed age requirements will all staff and have updated each track online that do require a student to be 18 or older for ride alongs.Again, Great American does apologize.

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